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SWEET 2021 Overview

Title SWEET 2021 (Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair)
Date 7.8.(Thu)~10.(Sat) 2021 / 3 Days
Venue Kimdaejung convention Center, Gwangju, Korea
Scale 30 Countries, 245 Companies, 550 Booths
Hosted by
광주광역시      전라남도
Organized by
김대중컨벤션센터     Kotra    한국에너지공단_광주전남지역본부    
WP     KOSPO     EWP     KOGAS
Sponsor Trade Industry and Energy Minister, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Power Exchange, Co. Energy-valley Forum, Korea Solar Energy Development Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea District Heating Corporation, Korea Energy Economics Institute, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Electro-technology Research Institute, Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning, Korea New&Renewable Energy, Korea Electric Engineers Association, The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, Korea Photovoltaic Society, The Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy, The Korean Solar Energy Society, Korea Wind Energy Association, Dongshin University, Keonyang University, Korea Battery Industry Association, Korea Institute of Material Science, Korea Ess Industry Development Association, Gwangju Technopark, Jeonnam Technopark, Jeonbuk Technopark, Busan Technopark, Chungnam Technopark, Chungbuk Technopark, Gyeongnam Technopark, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Green Energy Institute, New and Renewable Energy Material development center, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea Green Industry Research Association, Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Large and Small Business Cooperation Foundation, Jellabukdo Business Agency, Bitgaram Creative Center of Economy Innovation, Gwangju Metropolitan city Economy & Employment Promotion Agency, Gwangju Science&Technology, Energy Valley Enterprise Development Institute